July 13, 2018

Ep.97-Cowboy Bebop Pt.4

Our month of Science Fiction continues to flow over into July as things begin to heat up between your hosts this week. The show begins to come to a close as discussions of what exactly Cowboy Bebop is starts to spark. Will this weeks 'sode be a precussor to the finale or will everything go down in flames? LISTEN. TO. FIND. OUT.

July 10, 2018

Ep.96-I, Robot

Your hosts continue their deep dive into the science fiction genre with a shallower entry into its pantheon. Yeah that's right, I, Robot is not as good as you remember. Big surprise. Will Smith didn't even make his own rap for this movie, which should tell you something right off the bat. Jasper and Cory of course get off topic numerous times. Cory's Steve Erkel bit falls on its face, Jasper takes a phone call and teaches cooking. Jock jams. Garbage people. Listen.

June 29, 2018

Ep.95-Cowboy Bebop Pt.3

The Bad Boys hit the midway point in Cowboy Bebop this week. Will the show remain enticing or start to dull? Listen to find out! There are songs to be cued, Goldblum's to be heard, and fun to be had!

June 22, 2018


The Summer of Sci-fi continues with a movie so cool that it desperately reminds you just how cool it is at any and every opportunity. Cory doubles down on leaving modern culture behind. Jasper comes up with a pretty incredible new super hero duo. Listen.


In this very late episode, the Bad Boys continue their cruise through Cowboy Bebop. The Hosts love Ed, hate the direction culture is going in, and wanna fuck broccoli. Cory presents some very interesting thoughts on human identity today. UPDATE: I graduated and things got VERY spotty.


The YMLT Dungeons and Dragons adventure continues! We find out a lot about Bane's weird tendencies in this one. Cory was away for this recording so he had to call in. It's not that annoying, but at least you've been warned.

April 27, 2018


Kicking off a month (maybe longer?) of sci-fi, Cory and Jasper sat down to talk about Looper. No, this is not the Hayden Christiansen movie about people who can teleport. That is Jumper. This is a different movie. This is a good movie. Listen in and hear the YMLT hosts rant and rave about what they believe will come to be known as a sci-fi classic.

April 13, 2018

Ep.90-Cowboy Bebop Pt.1

In the second half of the YMLT 2 Year Anniversary, Jasper finally decided it was time to watch one of the most highly acclaimed amine series ever, Cowboy Bebop. All it took was 89 prior episodes and a little nudge from listener email. Will Cory see why many hold this show in stuch high regard? Or will it just not be his cup of tea? Jasper says that listeners should watch the first 5 episodes of the show before listening, but he gets so in depth due to his love of the show that it gets explained fairly thoroughly anyway. For all this and more download and listen to the second half of the You Might Like This 2 Year Anniversary Episode!

April 9, 2018

Ep.89-Best F(r)iends

It's the two-year anniversary of the You Might Like This Podcast! To celebrate, best friends and YMLT co-hosts Cory and Jasper went to a special event screening of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau's new film Best F(r)iends. Your hosts roast yet another reprehensible movie audience and debate whether or not the movie was good-bad, à la The Room, or simply manufactured badness.

March 30, 2018

Ep.88-Pan’s Labyrinth

In honor of Guillermo Del Torro's Best Picture win for "The Shape of Water" at this year's Oscars, Cory and Jasper thought they would discuss one of his earlier films: "Pan's Labyrinth."

And so they do, sort of. There is a short interruption by Mr. Sacramento, and many a conversational detour, as always. That's really why you listen though, right?


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